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Dome Related Links

Professional Dome Plans — a book of detailed shop drawings and simple formulas for building 3v icosa, wood framed, panelized geodesic domes. This is also, of course, a link to the Home Page of this very web site.

The Buckminster Fuller Institute — a well maintained hub for those interested in the ideas of Buckminster Fuller and geodesic domes.

Applied Synergetics — Geodesic dome design freeware called DOME that calculates spherical vertex coordinates, symmetry triangle topological abundance, and chord factors. It supports class I (alternate) and class II (triacon) breakdowns for Icosahedron, Octahedron and Tetrahedron polyhedron types.

Desert Domes — this very useful site provides a calculator for figuring strut lengths for any size 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 frequency icosa dome — especially helpful if you're interested in conduit domes.

Geodesic Domes — Lots of information including an extensive list of geodesic dome manufacturers, vendors and consultants.

The R. Buckminster Fuller FAQ — This is the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Resource on R. Buckminster Fuller. It is based primarily on the history of the discussions, interests, and needs of the readers of the BITNET mailing list Geodesic and its USENET gateway bit.listserv.geodesic.

Dome Home Companion — Lots of links and an interesting and lively discussion group.

Mathworld — A deep link in a heavy duty math site with areas covering Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics — tough going but interesting browsing.

Spencer Hunter's Homepage — A gopher site with an eclectic mix of interesting and useful sites.

Homesteading and Green Living — A huge directory with thousands of reviewed green websites for a more sustainable living. Very well organized and easy to navigate. — Homesteading, frugal living, cottage gardening, easy meal recipes and much more.

Family Homesteading Advocate — Simple living resources for the natural family. Homeschool, herbal health, natural foods, organic gardening, homebirth and a lot more.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network — A U.S. Government site with extensive resources.

Backwoods Home Magazine — Practical ideas for self-reliant living. They offer informative articles on a wide range of subjects including building, alternative energy, farming, gardening, food and cooking, country living and more.

Home Designers — Choose from thousands of innovative house plans. From cottages to executive homes, they offer plans designed by the Nation's leading Designers and Architects, compiled into a user friendly, on-line collection.

Weinmaster Home Design — Easy to use, house plans web site offering a wide range of home designs. Whether you are looking for starter or executive homes, you can find some very nice plans here.

Rick Garner Designer — Unique Designs for Unique People. Trusted & Proven Professional Home Designs. — "Quality, not quantity" — The Southern Designer is a collection of house plans, garage plans and multifamily designs by leading professional U.S. and Canadian designers. Quality plans in an easy to navigate and informative format.

General Building Information — A huge site with articles on hundreds of subjects for the do-it-yourselfer. Very well organized and easy to navigate considering the wealth of information. — A site tailored to the do-it-yourself owner builder. Includes an interesting tutorial that takes you through the process of building a home from beginning to end. — Providers of triangular skylights that precisely mirror the geometry of 3v icosa geodesic dome panels. — A good source for 3 1/2" by .120", spiral shank, galvanized gun nails.

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